Hindu Temples what happened to them? - Part -1

Generally people think Ram Temple in Ayodhya is the only temple which was converted to Babri Mosque (as agreed by Allahabad court). Thousands of temples in India have been ruthlessly converted and attempted to convert to Mosques by Muslims.

A book is released listed hundreds of temples converted to Mosques by Arun Shourie and team.The book can be downloaded in the below location:-

Important Note and Disclaimer: - This content is extracted and presented as it is from the book "HINDU TEMPLES WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM? VOLUMES 1 AND 2"

A Preliminary Survey by

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Below are a small sample pictures of how ancient beautiful temples are ruined and converted to Mosques in India (Courtesy of photos: esamskriti.com)

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Notice the Islamic dome on top of the Hindu Temple

Bhodesar mosque, built in 1505 by converting temple CE by Mehmood Begra, ruler of Gujrat.

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  1. This forces us Hindus to believe we Hindus have no idea in this age also what self respect is. The religious minorities even today seek to overrun us by the protection granted to them by our foolish forefathers. It's time to rethink on this and act decisively before it is too late.