What is Sickularism?

The constitution of India clearly states that Government should not pass any bill to benefit a particular religion. There is no definition of Minorities in constitution. Muslims and Christians forming top 2 religions of world are treated as minorities in India though their count in India is more than 15-20%. Even though Indian Constitution is influenced by UK Constitution, UK constitution does not provide any special privileges for a religion based on count. According to Constitution Section 15,16,26,30 all these so called Minority Bills are illegal.

One of the objective of this site is to summarize some of the big list of the expenditures made by Government of India till April, 2014 for Muslims and Christians majorly.
  • Muslims and Christians enjoy unique benefits than Hindu SC/ST and other Hindu OBCs as they are part of:-
  •  State Minority Benefit Schemes
  • OBC Benefit Schemes – Approximately more than 50% of Muslims and Christians moved to OBC by National Committee for Backward Classes (NCBC)
  • SC/ST Schemes – A big percentage of Muslims and Christians moved to SC/ST. Hindu SC/STs converted to Christians continue to enjoy SC/ST benefits with Christian and OBC benefits
  • Central Benefit Schemes for Minorities

The Government schemes listed in this site are not applicable for Hindu SC/STs. Some of the bills are also applicable for Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains and Parsis. But the percentage of expenditure equivalent is less than 5 to 10%. 

Above map shows majority population of Christian countries(red) and Muslim countries(green). These 2 religions being major in world are enjoying sickular(minority) benefits. Try finding any Hindu majority country in world other than India.

The objective of this site is to just to publish the special bills created by Government of India and its states. It is not against any religion. This site will undergo continuous update and improvement to provide more accurate information with all relevant Government bill documents. Most of these privileges for Muslims and Christians in India are not even available for Muslims in Pakistan and other Muslim, Christian Countries. Muslim and Christians can best make use of these privileges.

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