Indian Christian Missionaries marketing with Hindu ideology

Christian missionaries in India practice plagiarism, defaming Hinduism and try to create confusion in innocent minds by deriving concepts and culture from Hinduism.

Christians, overall being peace loving, their contribution to the world is adorable. But Christian missionaries in India are totally in a path to defame Hinduism

Is above buildings are temple or Church? Confused? Its Church built with Hindu architecture with cross above by Missionaries

In above picture, Jesus is depected as Hindu god Lord Vishnu or Rishis. And notice the right image plagiarizing ancient and powerful Surya Namaskar as "Jesus Namaskar"

Ancient and powerful Surya Namaskar technique rebranded as "Jesus Namaskara"

Christian missionaries in Hindu saint dress in North East India

Infant Lord Ganesha with Marry and Jesus depicted in form of Lord Vishnu

In one of the churches, Missionaries copy Lord Krishna's charriot, Ancient Hindu Kings traditional charriot and use it for Jesus

In the above picture, the Missionaries have attempted to move Lord Krishna and Buddha to the side and try to position Jesus as main God.

Above picture shows how Christian gods are shown on leaves a typical Hindu style plagiarized by Missionaries


  1. Excellent documentations. i truly hope people will wake up after reading this article and share the facts on the ground

  2. christians are so cheap they just want to spread their fake religion like that....but it not going to happen we are unite you can't break us....they don't even come close to 1% in front of the greatness of HINDUISM....

    1. Christian are not a fake religion like any other religion. We are very clear that as we believe in one God through Jesus Christ. there is no salvation besides it. Jesus loves you. Thank you!!!

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  5. The Information depicted in the above websites are fake and misleading...Example..The picture of Way of the Cross in Malayatoor is depicted as North India and misleading people...This is ridiculous..Beleive in true secularism and propagate the same.. Please do not mislead people

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  12. with billions of dollars brought into India by western missionaries on an annual basis, converting the poor and the gullible was that much easier. Every tiny village has a church now.