In Kerala, Loans are waived off if you get converted to Christian!

In Kerala, loans are waived off for Christian converts.

Under the debt waiver scheme for the Christian Converts, loans up to Rs.25,000 maturing on 31 March 2006 would be written off fully. In cases where the loan amount exceeds the stipulated amount, penal interest part would be written off, providing the persons with an opportunity to avail a one time benefit.
V.N. Vasavan, MLA, in his presidential address, highlighted the efforts of the State Government in protecting the needy. Commending the initiatives of the Government, Archbishop Vattappara of the Anglican Church of India requested those who avail the relief measures to reduce dependency on the assistance and to fully utilize the opportunities provided to improve living standards.
Non-liability certificates were distributed to the debt-ridden during the function.
The event was also attended by Jose K. Mani, MP, District Panchayat President T.N. Rameshan and Municipal Chairperson Bindu Santhosh Kumar.

Bank in Kozhikode brings out advertisement informing people "whosoever converts to christianity his loan is waived"



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