India is not a true secular country as it gives special privileges and financial assistance to Muslims and Christians

The secularism implementation in rest of the countries of the world follows equal treatment, opportunities and government policies/benefits for all people with no grounds of religion. While secularism in India has changed its meaning to more or less opposite. In India, secularism has its own opposite meaning and implementation where Muslims and Christians gain special financial assistance, privileges from central and state governments of country.

Though Indian government has included Sikhs, Buddhists and parsis, 90% of the minority benefits are provided to Muslims and Christians alone. Every year approximately 3,000 crore rupees are spent for Muslims and Christians in order to provide them home, education, loans, marriage benefits, jobs etc. Other sections of Central Sickular bills and State Sickular bills provide in detailed list of these benefits given to Muslims and Christians.

Therefore, by law and practice India is not a secular country.

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