Muslims in India have 6 lakh acres of land in Wakf board alone. And they are minorities

Justice Shashvat kumar, who headed the Shashvat Committee has prepared a status report on Muslims in India in 2011 and the finding of this report were that Nationwide, wakf properties constitute a land bank of size 6 lakh acres.There are 4.9 lakh registered wakf property, spread over an an estimated area of 6 lakh acres, all over India.
This makes the wakf boards the 3rd largest landholder in the country only after Indian Railways and Indian Defense ministry.

The State Wakf Boards are established by the State Governments in view of the provisions of section 13 & 14 of the Wakf Act, 1995**. These work towards management, regulation and protect the Wakf properties by constituting District Wakf Committees, Mandal Wakf Committees and Committees for the individual Wakf Institutions. 
The wakf Boards shall be body corporate having perpetual succession and common seal with power to acquire and hold property. In case more than fifteen percent of total number of wakf property is shia wakf or income thereof is more than fifteen percent the Act envisages about separate Shia Wakf Board.

Andhra Pradesh Wakf Board
Assam Wakf Board
Bihar Sunni & Shia Wakf Board
Chhattisgarh Wakf Board
Delhi Wakf Board
Gujarat Wakf Board
Haryana Wakf Board
Himachal Wakf Board
Jharkhand Wakf Board
Karnataka Wakf Board
Kerala Wakf Board
Madhya Pradesh Wakf Board
Maharashtra Wakf Board
Manipur Wakf Board
Meghalaya Wakf Board[1]
Odisha wakf Board
Punjab Wakf Board
Rajasthan Board of Muslim Wakfs
Tamil Nadu Wakf Board
Tripura Wakf Board
Uttarakhand Wakf Board
U.P.Sunni & Shia Wakf Board
West Bengal Wakf Board
Andaman Nicobar Wakf Board
Chandigarh Wakf Board
Laxdweep Wakf Board
Dadra & Nagar Haveli Wakf Board
Puducherry Wakf Board


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