Most of secular countries have banned polygamy, India allows Polygamy for Muslims only

World Polygamy abolition status

  Polygamy permitted and practiced
  Legal status unknown or ambiguous
  Polygamy generally illegal, but practice not fully criminalised
  Secular countries where Polygamy fully outlawed/abolished and practice fully criminalized

India - Polygamy allowed for Muslims only

A majority of the world's secular countries (more than 98%) and nearly all of the world's developed nations do not permit polygamy, and there have been calls for the abolition of polygyny in many developing countries, India violating secular principals, permits polygamy for Muslims alone. Even Indonesia being largest Muslim country has banned polygamy for Muslim civil servants.

Polygamy remains legal for Muslims under the terms of The Muslim Personal Law (Shariat) Application Act of 1937, as interpreted by the All India Muslim Personal Law Board" According to the 1961 census (the last census to record such data), polygamy was actually less prevalent among Indian Muslims (5.7%) than among several other religious groups

Though Hinduism accepts both monogamy (single wife at a time with reference to Lord Rama) and polygamy (with reference to Lord Krishna who had 8 wifes), Indian Judiciary does not allow polygamy for Hindus and permits polygamy for Muslims which contradicts secularism

A sample list of countries having polygamy banned:

Prohibition type
July 1862
Morrill Anti-Bigamy Act, which made polygamy a misdemeanor offense in US territories and other areas where the federal government has exclusive jurisdiction.

March 1882
Edmunds Act, which reinforced Morrill by making polygamy a felony in the jurisdictions covered by Morrill; also prohibited "bigamous" or "unlawful cohabitation" as a misdemeanor offense, which removed the need to prove that actual marriages had occurred in order to obtain convictions on polygamy related charges.

October 1921
Outlaws polygamy[49]

October 1935
Outlaws polygamy; polygamous marriage[50]

October 1950
Outlaws polygamy

Restrictions on polygamous marriage[39]

India allows polygamy for Muslims only. Outlaws polygamy; polygamous marriages (No pollygamy for Hindus)[51]

Ban on polygamy; polygamous marriages[52]

Ban on polygamy; polygamous marriage[39]

New penal code outlaws polygamy; polygamous marriages (upholds existing)

Outlaws polygamy[53]

Outlaws polygamy; polygamous marriage (districts under Sharia exempt)[54]

Restrictions on polygamous marriage; ease of divorce laws[52]

Restrictions on polygamous marriage (less liberal)[52]

Outlaws family reunion for polygamist immigrants[55]

December 2003
Outlaws polygamy[56]

Restrictions on polygamous marriage[52]

August 2004
New penal code outlaws polygamy; polygamous marriages (upholds existing)[57]

February 2005
Restrictions on polygamous marriage (heavy restrictions)[58]

July 2005
Outlaws polygamy[59]

Bans civil servants from living polygamously[60]

May 2008
Restrictions on polygamous marriage (heavy restrictions)[citation needed]

June 2008
Outlaws polygamy[56]

Nov. 2008
Abolishes polygamy except in selective circumstances[61]

March 2009
Mahoran status referendum, 2009 (passage abolishes polygamy)[62]

May 2009
Disallows polygamists from immigrating into the country[63]

July 2009
Restrictions on polygamous marriage[64]

July 2009
Ban on polygamy & polygamous customary marriages


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