Minority public services offered by West Bengal

Minority Affairs & Madrasa Education Department  deals with all matters connected with:
1. The development and welfare of minorities - both religious and linguistic.
2. The West Bengal Minorities Commission.
3. The West Bengal Minorities Development & Finance Corporation.
4. The State Haj Committee, West Bengal.
5. The administration of Wakf properties and the West Bengal Urdu Academy.
6. Madrasah Education System of West Bengal.

I. West Bengal Minorities Development & Finance Corporation under the administrative control of this department provide soft loans for self-employment, Education loan for pursuing  professional courses, Pre Matric/Post Matric Stipend & Scholarship and arranging for Vocational courses.
 (for further information click to www.wbmdfc.org)
II. West Bengal Urdu Academy under administrative control of this department has been entrusted to promote, Urdu Language and Literature in this state by means of translation and publication of scholarly work in Urdu on all topics, printing and publication of popular Bengali Classics and other Bengali works translated into Urdu, awarding scholarship, prizes to the deserving, to encourage and promote Urdu Journalism and research, to advise and assist the State Government in the formulation and implementation of its policies towards promotion of Urdu, to hold Seminars, exhibition, Mushaira, Dramas, Symposium, Oration etc all in manner as to the understanding and integration of different sections of people residing in West Bengal or elsewhere and leading to the enrichment of the culture of West Bengal.
III. West Bengal State Haj Committee under administrative control of this department acts as advisory and consultative body and makes all arrangements for the Haj pilgrims of Eastern India namely, West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa, Assam, Manipur and Tripura to visit Saudi Arabia to perform Haj.
IV. Board of Wakfs, West Bengal under administrative control of this department has the statutory responsibility amongst others- to ensure that the wakfs under its superintendence are properly maintained, controlled and administered and income thereof is duly applied to the objects and for the purposes for which such wakfs were created or intended.
V. West Bengal Minorities' Commission under administrative control of this department:
1. Evaluate the progress of development of Minorities and review implementation of the policies and programmes of the State Government.
2. Monitor the working and making recommendation for the effective enforcement and implementation of safeguards for the protection of the interest of the Minorities provided by the Constitution and Laws enacted by the Legislature and implemented by the Government.
 3. Look into specific complaints regarding deprivation of social, economic, educational, cultural and linguistic rights and safeguards of the Minorities and take up such matters with the appropriate authorities.
4. Causes studies, to be undertaken into problems arising out of any discrimination against Minorities and recommended measures of their removal.
5. Conduct studies, research and analysis on the issues relating to socio-economic and educational development of the Minorities.
6. Make annual report to the State Government on any matter pertaining to any of the functions of the Commission.
VI. Aliah University under this Department has been established to –
a. Create educational opportunities for higher education and studies;
b. Encourage study of modern technological and professional courses along with the classical languages, oriental studies, religious studies and Islamic culture;
c. Promote higher education amongst the minorities in the State.
d. Provide educational and research facilities in various branch of learning;
e. Promote national integration, secularism, international understanding and humanism;
f. Avail better scope and opportunities to serve the societies and the Nation.
VII. West Bengal Board of Madarasa Education
 The uniqueness of Madrsah Education in West Bengal lies in -
a. Secular Character
b. Equal access to both boys and girls and non-muslims (encouraging other religions to come to madarasa)
c. Equivalence and convergence
d. The Certificate of High Madrasah and Alim Examination is equivalent to Madhymik Pariksha of West Bengal Board of Secondary Education, the Certificate of Fazil Examination is equivalent to Higher Secondary of West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education.
e. The Board has balanced curriculum and is following RTE Act 2010 and CCE has already been implemented in all the Madrasahs.

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