Madrasas - West Bengal expenditure report 2011-12

  • 01 Jr. High Madrasahs have been upgraded to High Madrasahs.
  • 21 High Madrasahs have been upgraded to Higher Secondary Madrasahs.
  • Out of 400 sanctioned Madrasah Shiksha Kendras, 356 Jr. High Madrasahs have been accorded approval for conversion into Madrasah Shiksha Kendras and rests 44 are under pipeline.
  • Honorarium of 4535 approved Mukhya Shiksha Samprasarak/Sarika, Shiksha Samprasarak/Sarika, Shiksha Sahayak/ika accorded 356 Madrasah Shiksha Kendras in the districts are being released from this Directorate.
  • Out of 300 Madhyamik Shiksha Kendras and 200 Sishu Shiksha Kendras, only 100 MSKs including Sr. type and 39 SSKs have been accorded approval but approval for teaching and non-teaching staff are awaiting for final decision of the Government and rests are under pipe line.
  • Maximum no. of students i.e. 65,000 students have been participated in the Game & Sports of Madrasah-2012 through out the State.
  • Recognition of unaided Madrasah, about 272 application were received and near about 164 application have been sent to different district for inspection.
  • The site of English medium Govt. Madrasah in 7 (seven) M. C. districts have been finalized and fund have been released, in other M.C. districts, the site selection process is in progress
  • In addition to State Plan Budget about Rs. 295 crores utilised as salary etc. to the teaching and non-teaching staff of the recognised aided non-Govt. Madrasah.


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