1000 Crore Ramzan Relief To Hyderabadi Muslims - by Deputy Chief Minister Mohammad Ali - July 2014

1000 Crore Relief To Hyderabadi Muslims

Deputy Chief Minister Mr Mahmood Ali distributing the Ramzan Relief Aid among poor Muslims on behalf of Sahatya Trust. Mr. Anees uddin CEO & Trustee of Sahatya Trust is also seen.

Hyderabad: The Deputy Chief Minister of Telangana, Mr. Mahmood Ali, distributed Ramzan relief  aid  provided  by  Sahatya  Trust  to  500  underprivileged  families  under the  Zakat  Distribution  program  at  Khaja  Mansion,  Masab  Tank  on  Sunday  at 10.30 AM.  The relief  aid  contains food  grains  and  groceries  for daily needs  for the month of Ramzan. Addressing  the  beneficiaries  on  this  occasion,  the  Deputy  Chief  Minister  said that  Islam  is  a  religion  of  peace,  brotherhood  and  charity  –  traits  one  must exercise  splendidly  in the holy month of Ramzan. He asked the beneficiaries to make  the  best  use  of  resources  while  lauding  the  Sahatya  Trust  for  its humanitarian efforts.
He said that the tradition of relief distribution among the weaker sections of the society must be popularized as the sharing of joy is the essence of humanity.Mr.  Anees  uddin,  CEO  and  Trustee  of  Sahatya  Trust  said  every  year  the Zakat  distributed  by  affluent  people  (on  whom  distribution  of  Zakat  is obligatory)  in  Hyderabad  amounts  to  about  1000  crore  rupees  yet  the poverty  among  poorer  Muslims  is  not  eliminated.  He  said  that  people  must distribute their Zakat through organized  sector  like  noted  trusts and zakat foundations to effectively curb the poverty, and benefit the weaker sections.
Mr.  Anees  said  the  Sahatya  Trust,  established  by  a  group  of  NRIs  under  the patronage of US-based NRI Mr. Manzoor Ghouri, has been organizing the Zakat distribution  program  since  1997  throughout  India.  This  year,  the  trust  is delivering a  $4,00,000/-  equivalent to 2.3 crore rupees of  aid to poor  with 100  lakhs  of  food  grains  in  AP  alone  and  1.3  crore  rupees  in  the  rest  of  the India  to  needy  families  specially  orphans,  physically  challenged  persons  and widows in the form of Zakat, Fitra and Sadaqah.
Iftar arrangements  has been made by the trust  in 800 remote  villages of Indiawith Iftar in each village costing 9000-1000 rupees. The trust  has  covered 483 villages last year.The  trust  primarily  focuses  on  diverse  areas  including  Education,  Healthcare, Community  and  Social  Service
and  Emergency  Relief  with  its  social  ventures and grants obtained in the form of service support and fund utilization.
As  a  part  of  its  social  endeavors  and  community  service,  the  trust  has established  Challenger International School, Indo-US Hospital, Pushpagiri Eye Institute  and  also  runs  a  Mobile  Science  Lab  in  Hyderabad,  Telangana.  This year  Tech  Mahindra  has  awarded  one  year  contract  to  the  trust  to  organize science labs in 18 government schools in Hyderabad in 1 year.
Grant programs of the trust  provide services in health care through the trust’s India  Health  initiative  (AP,  UP,  Haryana)  and  Sahatya  Clinic  (Hyderabad, Telangana). Over 2000 free cataract surgeries have been performed while about 30,000 economically backward people were screened free of cost.
A health awareness programme organized by the trust in Hafiz Baba Nagar has benefitted  more  than  8444  people  suffering  from  hypertension,  diabetes  and eyesight problems.The  trust  periodically  carries  out  programs  favoring  educational  scholarships, rural  education,  economic  development,  and  also  provides  free  education  to orphans.
Other  grant  programs  include  providing  orphanages  for  girls,  school  bags  and book  distribution  for  school  students,  food  and  meat  distribution  to  poor families, and setting up bore wells at villages.The  trust  also  provides  interest-free  loan  for  the  benefit  of  the  poor  and  has built  homes  for  flood  victims  in  Kurnool  by  supporting  construction  of  nearly 400  houses.    It  has  also  constructed  a  community  center  and  prayer  hall  in Nizdur Village costing about 40,00,000/- rupees.
It  has  also  exercised  grants  for  Bhagalpur  riots,  Gujarat  Riots,  Assam  riots, Uttarakhand floods and Muzaffarnagar riots.The distributed package contains 15 kgs of Rice, 2 Kgs of sweet oil, 2kgs of dal, 1  kg  of  tamarind,  ½  kg  of  chilli  powder,  200gm  of  Haldi  and  Ghee  each, sufficient for a family of 4 for Sehri and Iftar for 30 days.
The trust wishes to increase its financial base from 8 crore rupees to 20 crore rupees by next year.

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