Financial assistance for Research/Studies for Muslims and Christians majorly provided by Central Government

Ministry of Minority Affairs (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry) under the Central Sector Scheme Scheme of Research/Studies, Monitoring and Evaluation of Development Schemes including Publicity‟ shall provide professional charges to those Research Organizations/ Institutions/ Councils/ Civil Societies/ Universities including Deemed Universities, Reputed Institutions of higher learning, Autonomous Bodies/ Market Research Agencies and Registered Bodies of professionals (henceforth called Research Organizations) which have the expertise and are willing to undertake purposeful Operation Research/ Market Research/ 

Action Research: 

 On the problems and requirement of minorities including baseline surveys/surveys; 
 Carrying out concurrent monitoring on the implementation of various schemes undertaken for minorities; and 
 To provide professional charges to Government agencies and reputed private media agencies and Media Management Agency to carry out Information, Education and Communication (IEC) activities through multi-media campaign including print, electronic and other media. 
(b) Reports of such Operation Research/ Market Research/ Action Research including baseline surveys/surveys are expected to provide information and data on development deficits, successful schemes, strategies and approaches worth replicating, suggest specific program interventions and policy options, etc. 
(c) Concurrent monitoring is also essential for enabling mid-course corrections to ensure effective implementation of programmes and schemes. 
(d) Financial support will also be extended to organization(s) holding Workshop/Seminar/Conference provided the theme of workshop/seminar/conference has direct relevance to the mandate of the Ministry. 
(e) Financial support will not be provided to any organization for holding Workshop/Seminar/Conference for formulation of research proposal. No funding will be given to any organization for holding any group discussion. 


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