Chandra Babu Naidu's sickular promises to Muslims in 2014 General Elections

In 2013, N. Chandrababu Naidu he also promised to provide 8 per cent reservation to Muslims in local as well as general elections, jobs and higher education.

Addressing a roadside meeting at NTR Statue Centre, Mr. Naidu said he would provide Rs.5 lakh interest-free loan to poor Muslims who wanted to set up industries.

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The Telugu Desam supremo reiterated that he would provide 50 per cent reservation to the Backward Classes in all legislative bodies and announced that he would take measures to provide reservations to upper castes.

Wearing a skull cap in the Muslim-dominated Old Town area, Mr. Naidu, flanked by former MP Lal Jan Basha and MLA Sk. Ziaudddin, reiterated that the first signature he would make after returning to power would be on the file waiving crop loans.


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