Sharmashakti small business loan for Muslims and Christians - by Karnataka State Government


Under this scheme, the minority artisans will be financially assisted to improve their Artistic and Technical skill to carry on with their trade or for commencing, or developing small business and with a loan up to Rs.50,000/- (maximum) will be provided at lower rate of interest to improve their business. Out of this amount, 50% of the loan will be considered as back end subsidy to the beneficiary.
The applicant should be a resident of Karnataka by birth or domicile and he should belong to the Religious Minority community and whose annual income is within ₹.22,000/- can apply for loan under this Scheme.

The Shrama Shakthi loan sanctioned has to be repaid by the beneficiary with in 36 monthly instalments @ 4% interest P.A
Government Orders of Sharmashakthi Scheme
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Application Form
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