Land Purchase Scheme for Muslims and Christians - by Karnataka State Government


Under this scheme, the Corporation will purchase the agricultural land and this will be given to the poor landless minority farmers in the rural areas. 2 acres of Dry Land or 1 acre of wet land will be distributed to each beneficiary. The Government has recently issued an order revising the rate of land as double the guidance value which is limited to ₹.2.50 lakhs including the Registration expenses since the cost of land has increased to implement the scheme successfully. The cost of land will be treated as 50% loan and 50% subsidy to the beneficiaries. The loan has to be repaid in 10 years in ½ yearly instalments @ 6% interest per annum. The Corporation is allocating the physical and financial target based on allocation made in the budget and population. The District Managers of the concerned District invites the application through news papers. The received application will be scrutinised and the same will be placed before the district committee headed by Deputy Commissioner of the concerned district who is the chairman of the committee. The committee will select the beneficiary.

Government Orders of Land Purchase Scheme
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