Chandrababu Naidu promises free education for Muslims - 2012


TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu has set his eyes on dominant caste groups in the state and is leaving no chance to appease and mingle with them. After declaration of the BC action plan and taking a pro-SC classification stance, Naidu promised to come out with a Muslim minority declaration shortly. Making a political speech at an iftar hosted by the party here on Tuesday, Naidu vowed not to return to NDA anytime in the future. 

"We have always been working for the overall development of Muslims in the state. We will come out with a comprehensive plan within the next four months," he promised. He said that education for Muslim minority children would be extended free of cost if TDP returned to power in the next elections. 

Taking a dig at communal parties, Naidu alleged that some leaders are trying to poison the secular fabric of the country and such leaders should be barred from the public life. 


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