Muslims and Christians despite of enjoying Minority branded benefits, they are included in SC/ST and OBC also - Central Government Schemes

Below is the approximate distribution of religion with respect to SC/ST and OBC. SC/ST provisions were introduced by Ambedkar as these class of people were harassed and abused in the past. And now we see that Muslims and Christians (majorly) are included in SC/ST as well as OBC categories.

The term "Dalit" was a word applicable for Hindu SC/STs who suffered from harassment and untouchability in the past. Muslims ruled India for 700+ years and destroyed 1000s of temples in country and plundered enormous amount of wealth (Mohammad Gahzni, Bahamani kingdom, etc). But today Muslims are also being moved to SC/STs!

Now are they reaping benefits from OBC, SC/ST and Minority benefits?


Below are few sample data showing Muslims and Christians being added OBC:

SC/ST  or Dalit branded Muslim/Christian statistics from NCBC(old data 2005):


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