List of unit cost of approved loan schemes - Rajasthan

List of unit cost of approved loan schemes for value less then 50000/- from Rajasthan Minority Finance and Development Co-operative Corporation Ltd.
(A)Agriculture and Related Areas
1.Milk Dairy (Buffalo)50,0004.Agriculture Equipment30,000
2.Milk Dairy (Cow)40,0005.Bore well20,000
3.Fertilizer, Seeds, and Medicine Shop50,0006.Diesel Pump20,000
(B)Small Business Areas
1.Oil Speller45,00014.Cloth Store40,000
2.Jewelers Shop50,00015.Readymade Garment Shop50,000
3.Flour Mill40,00016.General Store35,000
4.Vegetable Shop25,00017.Glossary Shop30,000
5.Utensils Shop50,00018.Medical Shop50,000
6.Electrical Goods Shop40,00019.Pattal Dona Shop30,000
7.Building Material50,00020.Tailoring Material Shop40,000
8.Book Dipot/ Stationary Shop30,00021.Chalk Manufacturers35,000
9.Bangle Shop30,00022.Papad Mangori Cottage Industry25,000
10.Shoe Store30,00023.Spices Cottage Industry25,000
11.Dry-cleaning Shop30,00024.Meet Shop10,000
12.Sweets Shop40,00025.Tea/ Paan Stall20,000

(C)Hendicraft and Related Areas
1.Band Group50,0008.Hair Cutting Saloon40,000
2.Goldsmith Shop50,0009.Beauty Parlor40,000
3.Allopathic Clinic40,00010.Car painter Shop30,000
4.Tyre Puncture Repair Shop25,00011.Tailoring Shop30,000
5.Cycle Rent/ Repair Shop25,00012.Hand Fabric Print Work30,000
6.Book Binding Work35,00013.Embroidery/ Tailoring40,000
7.Barber Shop20,000

(D)Technical Business Areas
1.Auto Repair/ Parts50,0004.Ironsmith/ Welding Work Shop30,000
2.Electric Motor Binding25,0005.Photography Shop50,000
3.Typing Institute50,0006.Mobile Repairing50,000
(E)Transport Areas
1.Buffalo Cart20,000

2,Camel Cart20,000

List of unit cost of approved loan schemes for value more than 50000/- from National Minority Developement and Finance Corporation Ltd.
(A)Small Business Areas
1.Internet Cafe/ Cyber Cafe2,14,5006.Marble kota3,41,000
2.Photo Copier1,20,0007.Computer cafe1,70,000
3.Tent House1,10,0008.Electronics shops2,00,000
4.Poultry Farm3,41,0009.Readmade garment shpo1,25,000
5.Printing press2,85,000

(B)Technical Business Areas
1.Steel Fabrication1,40,0004.Videography and Photography1,20,000
2.D.T.P. Unit1,00,000

3.Gate and Grill Fabrication1,40,000

(C)Transport Areas
1.Auto Rickshaw (Diesel/ Patrol)1,28,0004.Tata magic3,71,000
2.Maruti Van2,35,0005.Tractor3,71,000
3.Loading Auto Rickshaw1,28,0006.Jeep Taxi3,84,000
(D)Handicraft and Related Areas
1.Car painter Unit1,15,000


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