Pre-matric, Post-matric Hostels and residential schools majorly for Muslims and Christians by Andhra Pradesh Government

Pre Metric Hostels

Pre Metric Hostel facilities for Minority students are established by Government of Andhra Pradesh with an objective to provide improved access to school education to those minority children who are denied or who have difficulties in accessing school education. Government has sanctioned (12) Pre Metric Hostels vide GOMs No 18, Minorities Welfare (MFC) Department, dated 11/07/2007 at the following districts with an intake of 100 candidates.
 (1) Kadapa (Boys), (2) Chittoor (Boys), (3) Krishna (Boys), (4) Kurnool (Girls), (5) Anantapur (Girls) and (6) Guntur (Girls).
Therefore, for the benefit of Minority children, the city, town areas, which have the best network of schools, are identified, to enable the Minority children particularly from interior backward areas to access the school at these places.
District Wise Details
Kadapa Anantapur 
Chittoor Guntur 
* Pre Matric Hostel admission form available at downloads

Post Metric Hostels

Government have issued orders for establishment of 16 Post Matric Hostels vide (1) G.O.Ms. No.19, Minorities Welfare (MFC) Department, Dt. 16-07-2007 (14 Hostels) and G.O.Ms. No. 23, Minorities Welfare (MFC) Department, Dt. 04-08-2007 (2 Hostels) in the Districts where the Minorities Population is substantial. The Post Matric Hostel facilities for Minority Students are established an objective to provide improved access to quality Higher Education to those Minority Children who are denied or who have difficulty in accessing such quality higher education.
The District were Post Matric Hostels have been sanctioned, with an intake of 50 Boarders or
(1) Kurnool (Boys), (2) Y.S.R Kadapa (Boys), (3) Anantapur (Boys), (4) Visakhapatnam (Boys), (5) Krishna (Boys), (6) Chittoor (Girls) ,(7) Guntur (Girls),
Depending on admission into educational institution, eligible minority students from other districts may also be considered for admission into hostels.
(* Converted as Post Matric Hostel for Boys vide G.O.Ms. No. 32,Minorities Welfare (MFC) Department, Dt. 29.11.2007)
* Post Matric Hostel admission form available at downloads

Residential Schools

Keeping in view to provide access to quality school education Government of Andhra Pradesh has decided to establish (12) English Medium Residential Schools for Minority students in the Districts where the minority population is substantial.
The Government accorded permission to establish English Medium Residential schools vide GOMs No:20 by Minorities Welfare (MFC) Department, dated 17/07/2007 with Urdu as 2nd language for Minorities in the following districts. The jurisdictions of the schools are indicated along side,
1 - Anantapur (Boys)2 - Krishna (Boys)
3 - Nellore (Boys)4 - Chittoor (Girls)
5 - Guntur (Girls)6 - Kurnool (Girls)
As per the revised orders issued vide G.O.Rt.No.211, Minorities Welfare (MFC) Department, Dt. 07-05-2008 the entry point shall be class V with an intake of 160 Students in 4 Sections @40 each instead of V and VII th Class with 36 students in each class 


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