Muslim Women Schemes, Riots compensation, pension and compensation for Mosque employees - Tamilnadu Government


  1. District Muslim Women Aid Society was formed in all the District under the Chairmanship of District Collector for the welfare of Destitute, Abandoned and Old Age Women belonging to Muslim religion
  2. Financial assistance and need based trainings are provided to uplift the livelihood
  3. Matching Grant to a maximum sum of Rs.10 Lakhs per year to each Society equivalent to the amount of donation collected by the Society are sanctioned by the Government.

Riots - Library Picture

Financial assistance are provided to the victims of minority people who have been affected due to communal riots and discharged prisoners for petty offence for their rehabilitation.
The victims should have been affected by means of economically or
physically and unable to do any work physically or who have not involved in any major offences under IPC or should be the discharged prisoners for petty offence as first instance If the applicant is physically affected should produce a Medical Certificate from the Medical Officer of District.

If the applicant is economically affected should produce a necessary certificate from the Tahsildar (Revenue Department) for loss of his property.

Petty Offences/punishment should be taken into account as defined under various sections of the IPC
Annual income of the applicant should not exceed Rs. 40000/- for Rural areas and Rs. 60000 for Urban areas


  1. Ulema and Other Personnel Welfare Board was formed and functioning for Social, Economical and Educational advancement to Ulemas .
  2. In Tamil Nadu, the employees working in Mosque, Madarasas, Teachers in Arabic School, Mothinars, Bilal’s, Durgahs, Ashorkhana. 
  3. Thaikkahs, Khabarasthan etc. are become eligible for members and availing financial assistance and free bicycle
  4. If the Member shall demise after that i) his- wife or her husband , ii) children, iii) Widow daughter and her children as legal heirs are covered.
  5. Family means if a male member, his wife, married or unmarried children, dependent parents, daughter-in-law (widow), grand son/daughter are covered.if a female member, her husband, children are covered.
  6. Age between 18 years completed and within 60 years
  7. Identity Card will be given to the Members of the Board at free of cost.
  8. Member should renew their ID cards once in three years

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