National Minorities Development and Finance Corporation Loan Scheme - Central and State Government


The National Minorities Development & Finance Corporation, Delhi, is implementing its scheme through State Channelizing Agency viz., Karnataka Minorities Development Corporation in Karnataka. Some of the enhancements in the schemes are as under.
  • Term Loan scheme for Business, Services and Transport sector.
  • Under Micro Finance Scheme, enhancement of loan component from ₹.25,000/- to ₹.50,000/- to each member of SHG
  • Under Educational Loan Scheme, Short Term Loan upto a maximum of ₹.3 Lakhs for high skill development programme of 01 year duration.
  • Loan upto a maximum of ₹.10 lakhs for Professional Courses of maximum 05 years duration.
  • Loan upto ₹.20 Lakhs to the student pursuing studies for 05 years in abroad.
  • Vocational training programme for unemployed minority youth. Marketing assistance scheme.
  • Revised income limit for implementation of NMDFC Scheme enhancement from ₹.40,000/- to ₹.81,000/- in rural areas and from ₹.55,000/- to ₹.1.03 Lakhs in urban areas
  • Enhancement of Monthly Training fee from ₹.1,000/- to ₹.2,000/- for vocational training courses. Enhancement of Stipend from ₹.500/- to ₹.1,000/-.

Term Loan Scheme

A loan for business activity with the project cost from ₹. 50,000 to ₹.10,00,000/- will be considered in the scheme. The Corporation releases the loan with 90% of the project cost from NMDFC share, 05% of the project cost is met from KMDC Share and balance 05% of the project cost has to be borne by the beneficiary. 6% interest per annum is being charged by the Corporation for the loan released. The Corporation also consider sanctioning loan for the Transport Sector also by helping the beneficiaries to acquire Transport Vehicles. 

The loan has to be repaid @ 6% interest p.a. in 36/60 monthly instalments.

Micro Finance

The Corporation also provide Micro Finance scheme under NMDFC sponsored Schemes on the same lines as that of the State Micro Scheme except that no subsidy is provided in the NMDFC sponsored scheme. This loan is also provided to the beneficiaries who have enrolled themselves in the registered societies and associations whose main motto is service and running on a sound footing with thrift.

The loan has to be repaid @ 6% interest p.a. in 36 monthly instalments.

Educational Loan Scheme

A loan upto ₹.3 lakh for short term high skill development course, upto ₹.10 lakhs for professional and job oriented degree courses in India with a maximum duration of 5 years @ ₹.2 lakh per annum, upto ₹.6 lakhs for professional post graduate courses with a maximum duration of 3 years @ ₹.2 lakh per annum and upto ₹.20 lakhs for courses abroad with a maximum duration of 5 years @ ₹.4 lakh per annum are considered in the scheme @ 3% p.a interest repayable in 5 years with means of financing as 90% from NMDFC 5% from KMDC and 5% from beneficiary.

Training Schemes of NMDFC

Under vocational training scheme of NMDFC following training will be given to unemployed minority youths through governments recognised training institutions to enable them to become self employed or to seek better employment opportunities.
Sr. No.Name of TrainingDuration
1Call Center Training6 Months
2Web Technologies Training6 Months
3Computer Training6 Months
4Fashion Technology6 Months
5Zardosi/Kashida and Embroidery6 Months
Note : Training shown at 4 & 5, will be given under Mahila Samridhi yojane.

Common Application From NMDFC

Common Application for Direct and Margin Money Loan Under NMDFC Scheme
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Disbursement of fund under NMDFC Scheme

List of Beneficiary under NMDFC (Direct Loan/Term Loan) Scheme for the Year 2013-14
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List of Beneficiary under NMDFC (Direct Loan/Term Loan) Scheme for the Year 2014-15 Upto 31/03/2015
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List of Beneficiary under NMDFC (Direct Loan/Term Loan) Scheme for the Year 2015-16
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