A detailed view of Hajj Committee - Central Government/Tamil Nadu assistance and schemes for Muslims to visit Mecca

As per the provisions contained in the Haj Committee Act, 2002, the Tamil Nadu State Hajj Committee was constituted by the Government to look after the welfare of Hajj pilgrims of Tamil Nadu and to make arrangements for the smooth and successful performance of Hajj pilgrimage. The Committee undertakes the following activities subject to the guidelines issued by Haj Committee of India, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India and the Government of Tamil Nadu:-

1. Procedure for submission of application:

Before the commencement of the Hajj season, various issues relating to the ensuing Hajj are discussed and finalised by the Haj Committee of India, Mumbai. Based on the guidelines from Haj Committee of India, Mumbai, press release is issued by this Committee calling for applications for Hajj from intending pilgrims every year and the last date for submission of filled in applications is also notified by the Haj Committee of India. The Government of India fixes quota for each State Hajj Committee based on muslim population as per census 2001. Every year, the Committee receives applications over and above the quota allotted for Tamil Nadu. The issue of increase of allotment is taken up with the Ministry of External Affairs by the Government of Tamil Nadu.

(a)          Reserved Category.

(i)            Haj Committee of India has decided to confirm the applicants of over 70 years of age as on 29-02-2012 along with one co-pilgrim as companion for Hajj 2012 without including them in the draw of lots.

(ii)          It has also been decided to confirm the applications of those pilgrims whose applications have been rejected continuously for last three years during Hajj 2009-2011 and apply for Hajj 2012.

(b)       Quota for each State.

The Government of India fixes the quota for each State based on the total quota allotted for India by Saudi Arabia and the Muslim population in a State.

The applications are fed into computer and qurrah (draw of lots) is conducted using computer software and list of selected candidates is released then and there since it is held in the presence of the applicants after giving suitable publicity.

(C)         International Passport:

The pilgrims in the past used to undertake travel based on temporary pilgrim passes. But due to insistence of Saudi authorities, they are allowed to undertake Hajj pilgrimage only with International passports from Hajj 2009. This Committee conducts ‘Passport Mela’ in coordination with the Regional Passport

Offices at Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai and Thanjavur to enable the applicants to get the passports in time.

(2) Building Selection Team:

The selection of accommodation is done by representatives deputed by State Hajj Committees. The Tamil Nadu State Hajj Committee deputes one or two representatives under Building Selection Team at State Government’s cost to assist the Consulate General of India in Saudi Arabia, to select Buildings for the stay of Hajj pilgrims.

(3) Training of Trainers Programme:

Haj Committee of India has decided that from Hajj 2012, Training of Trainers camp will be held at Mumbai. The Training will be given for Master Trainers by Haj Committee of India/Consul General and the Master Trainers would give training to the District Trainers at Chennai. The Tamil Nadu State Hajj Committee would make use of both the Master Trainers and District Trainers and depute them to the districts to impart training to the intending pilgrims.

(4) Orientation Training camps:

A comprehensive orientation/training programme is conducted for the pilgrims at district level to educate the intending pilgrims on the various travel formalities and procedures to be observed while performing Hajj/Umrah and about the likely difficulties they would face during the pilgrimage and services offered by various departments like Consulate General of India, Jeddah, Moallims, etc. The extensive orientation programmes carried out through Tamil


Nadu State Hajj Committee at district level is found very useful by the pilgrims. The persons trained by Haj Committee of India, Mumbai every year are deputed to the various centres where training camps are organised with the help of local voluntary agencies and members of the Committee, and intending pilgrims are educated by these trainers. Visuals are also shown in these programmes for better understanding by the pilgrims and to avoid difficulties during the course of their journey.

(5) Inoculation camps:

(a)          Vaccination against Meningitis.

Tamil Nadu State Hajj Committee conducts inoculation programme against meningitis in various districts based on the concentration of pilgrims. Inoculation against Tetra vaccine is administered to the pilgrims for every Hajj season and National Institute of Communicable Diseases, New Delhi supplies the vaccine to all State Hajj Committees. The required doses of the Tetra vaccine is distributed to the Deputy Directors of Health Services in various districts through King Institute, Chennai. The staff of the Committee are deputed to various centres to conduct the inoculation programme as per the dates fixed by the Committee.

(b)          Oral Polio vaccination.

It is mandatory to give Oral Polio vaccine to all the pilgrims six weeks

before start of Hajj journey. Accordingly, this Committee arranges for administering of Polio drops to the pilgrims through Public Health authorities and Corporation of Chennai. Certificates in this regard will also be issued to the pilgrims.

(6) Hajj Volunteers:

The Committee deputes one volunteer for every 300 pilgrims or part thereof to Saudi Arabia to look after the welfare of Hajj pilgrims of Tamil Nadu at

State Government’s cost. The Hajj volunteers are in regular contact with the pilgrims in Saudi Arabia and looking after their welfare during the Hajj pilgrimage. They guide the pilgrims who lose their way to the accommodation centres and in redressal of their grievances in coordination with the staff of Consulate General of India and Indian Haj Mission.


(7) Accommodation at Makkah:

As per Saudi Regulations, accommodation has to be arranged for the pilgrims at Makkah in advance through the Consulate General of India, Jeddah. The space entitlement in those buildings per pilgrim is 4 sq.mtrs. Following categories have been prescribed for Hajj 2012:-

(i)            Green category: The buildings will be available upto 1500 metres from outer periphery of Haram (Kaaba). The rent charges for each pilgrim is 4500 Saudi Riyal.

(ii)          Azizia category: The buildings will be available within the Azizia area and the rent collected for each pilgrim is 2620 Saudi Riyal. Transport will be provided from Azizia to Makkah and back.

Accommodation at Madinah:

There is uniform category of accommodation will be provided to the pilgrims by collecting SR.500/- per pilgrim as rental charges..

(8) Duties and responsibilities of Government agencies during Hajj pilgrims’ movement from Chennai to Jeddah and back for Hajj pilgrimage:

(a) Airports Authority of India:

(i)            Providing various support/facilities at airport such as shamiana, water supply, P.A. system, prayer mats, etc.

(ii)          Providing parking facilities at airport, free of cost for the buses carrying the pilgrims.

(iii)         Providing emergency medical help to the pilgrims at airport during outward and inward flights.

(b) Air India/Saudi Arabian Airlines:
(i)            Operating check-in counters at the Accommodation Centre and transporting baggages of the Hajj pilgrims to the airport.

(ii)          Coordinates the arrangements at Airport and at Head Office to avoid/ reduce delays in the operation of flights.

(iii)         Supply snacks/refreshments prior to boarding/departure for the Hajis.

(iv)         Providing information regarding delays in arrival of aircrafts from Jeddah.

(v)           Providing zam zam cans (10 litres for each pilgrim) free of cost to the Hajj pilgrims during their return journey.


(c) Customs and Immigration:

(i)            Operating dedicated counters and making special arrangements for clearing the pilgrims.

(ii)          Quick clearance of baggages by customs during return flights.

(d) Bureau of Civil Aviation Security and Central Industrial Security Force:

(i)            Issue of passes to the volunteers, members of the Committee and other officials enabling them to assist the pilgrims in completing formalities at airport.

(ii)          Making adequate security arrangements for pilgrims at Airport.

(iii)         Assisting the pilgrims on departure/arrival and at the immigration counters with the help of volunteers/staff of Hajj Committee.

(e) City Police and Sub-Urban Police:

1.    Providing bandobust at Haj House, Demellows Road, Chennai

2.    Providing bandobust and traffic regulation at Airport.

(9) Services of voluntary agencies and other activities:

(i) Transit accommodation:

Transit accommodation is provided to the out-station pilgrims through voluntary agency namely the Tamil Nadu Haj Service Society at Chennai both during onward and return flights. For this purpose, Tamil Nadu Haj Service Society has put up a multi-storeyed building called Tamil Nadu Baithul Hujjaj and also an Annexe building in the heart of Chennai city which can accommodate about 750 pilgrims at a time.


(ii) Transportation of pilgrims:

Transportation is arranged to take the pilgrims from the accommodation centre to the Airport and back, by M/s. Parveen Travels, Chennai, on payment of nominal charges for incurring fuel cost.

(10)       Procedural Guide books on Hajj and Umrah are printed in Tamil and distributed to pilgrims. These serve as the citizen’s charter.

(11)       The office of the Committee has a separate Reception counter, where two of its staff are deployed to furnish forms, guidelines and information to applicants and provide all required assistance. The Committee has launched a website (www.hajjtn.in) containing all information relating to Hajj. A notice board is permanently available and all important circulars are displayed. This also forms part of citizen’s charter.


Member and Executive Officer,

Tamil Nadu State Hajj Committee,

3rd Floor, Rosy Tower,

No.13, (Old No.7) Mahatma Gandhi Road,

(Nungambakkam High Road)

Chennai – 600 034

Phone: 044-2825 2519/ 2822 7617  Fax 044-2827 6980

Website:www.hajjtn.in           Email:  tnhajj786@vsnl.com.

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