Congress in Karnataka building Churches using Public Funds

This can happen in only India. Congress has proved it again in Karnataka. This is one such scheme by Congress out of many.

With the leadership of Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, Congress Government is funding Churches using public funds.

There is no country in the world where Temple construction is funded by Government. United States and Europe do not even release funds for Church construction. And in India, we see public funds being utilized to build Churches!

As per the Government order No: MWD.318MDS2011 Dated: 16/01/2012 funds are provided for the construction, renovation and development of churches across the state. As per this order for the repairs and renovation/development of churches a financial assistance of up to Rs.10 lakhs is provided.

Others schemes for Christians in Karnataka by the Government:

1. Renovation and Development of Churches

2. Construction of Community Hall 

3. Funds for Orphanages/Oldage Homes

4. Skill Development Programme

5. GNM and BSC Nursing Training

6. Incentives to Christian Minority Students

Government website references regarding Church Construction programs in Karnataka by Government:

List of Churches which got Rs 10 lakhs for construction/renovation:

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